At Jane’s we use only natural ingredients, fresh and in season.

My food helps to remind us all that life is for living and enjoying- for savoring, each and every delicious mouthful at a time.

Sweet Dill Pickle Chunks

These cool crisp chunks pack a flavor that’ll WOW you! Fresh Kirby cukes get brined into a dill pickle, and then that dill pickle gets sweetened and savoried up with 14 different spices for a flavor that’s complex and exciting. Sweet and savory melts away with a smooth spicy finish. You’ll love ‘em!

Sweet Dill Pickle Relish

We take our classic sweet dill pickle chunks and grind them up into a relish that stands on its own or can be used to make lots of other Good Things. Like Tarter Sauce. Or Russian Dressing. Or an oldie but goodie- the ham and pickle sandwich! All these things and more are enhanced by the robust flavors of Jane’s Relish.

Just Dills

Jane created these pure fresh dill and garlic pickles in a sugar free brine. Cut like coins, so good on burgers.

Dilly Beans

These old fashioned treats come right from the garden and into a classic dill and garlic brine, with a few red pepper flakes for company. A few weeks later, you’ll have a cool crisp dilly bean with a spicy finish that’ll wake you up!

Spiced Peaches

This colonial recipe is a favorite of Jane’s, despite the time it takes to make these delicious fruits. Freestone peaches right from the orchards are peeled, pitted and sliced, and then marinated with a simple syrup and a bundle of spices like cinnamon and ginger.

Vanilla Pears

These fragrant pears are a step up from applesauce anyday! Bartlett Pears right off the trees are cored, peeled and diced. Then they get bathed with a smooth warm syrup of vanilla and sugar and spices.

Toasted Rosemary Walnuts

Fresh shelled walnuts get toasted in a buttery paprika rub, then adorned with fresh picked rosemary for a warm savory treat.

Cranberry Tangerine Relish

Jane makes this holiday season favorite with crunchy fresh cranberries and tangerines, plus some candied ginger for a real zing.

House Dressing

A sweet tomato-based dressing that’s at home over an iceberg lettuce wedge or a chopped Vidalia onion, or even your next grilled steak.

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